Sunday, September 15, 2013

Ten amazing years!

Hello my dears! I am sorry that I've been absent. Its been a very busy couple of weeks where in I finished a big project for a friend, cooked many wonderful meals, mourned and remembered our fallen patriots and celebrated the tenth anniversary of the day I married my husband!
Handfasting Ceremony
Taken overlooking Big Bear Lake, Sept 13, 2013.

September 13th, 2003. It was a beautiful North Idaho day. I woke early, my stomach full of butterflies and anticipation. My soon-to-be-husband had spent the night away in the old tradition. He had his own preparations to attend to. We had spent the last six months planning our wedding down to the last detail. We wanted a ceremony that was both magical and meaningful. We had written all of our vows together and composed the whole ceremony.

Our wedding took place outdoors, on a cliff overlooking Lake Pend Orielle. The skies were clear and deep blue. The wind was mild. My beau had built a beautiful, cedar arbor that we would stand under to exchange our vows. We had chosen music from our favorite movies to be played throughout the ceremony. Everything was perfect! Bald Eagles dipped into the lake to catch their dinner. Several deer pranced around the grass. To this day, we still look back in awe of how wonderful our day was.

This past weekend, we were able to have a very romantic getaway at Big Bear Lake, California. We rented a tiny cabin, went kayaking on the lake, when antique shopping, sat in a hot tub under the stars, slept until 10am. It was great! Such a wonderful way to rekindle our love.

I am making our Sunday dinner while I write this post. Oktoberfest Lager Stew, from this recipe:
And I am taking down notes to prepare a very important blog post about my personal hero, my Grandmother Norma. I want to make sure I give this post the attention it deserves so it may be a few days in preparation.

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  1. I would loved to have been one of those bald eagles dipping down and peeking in on your ceremony! What a lovely setting - and such love went into it all.
    I look forward to your post about your Grandmother!